Autogele that looks hand-tied

Akudo Autogele

Don’t settle for boring autogele designs. Stand out with our Akudo Autogele design. 

Akudo can be worn by a bride on her wedding day or by anyone else that wants to stand out.

Like Akudo? You can order her in your own color specification and fabric.

Autogele - Akudo
Akudo Autogele
Adebisi Autogele
Adeola Autogele

The Adeola Autogele

She’s Adeola Autogele and she drips glory.

Adeola is one of our show -stopper bridal autogele but can be worn by anybody.

You Can Order Adeola in any color and Aso Oke fabric of your choice.

Oriaku Autogele

Oriaku Autogele is one autogele that never goes out of style.

You can rock Oriaku Autogele for your traditional marriage ceremony, to your child’s dedication or any event that requires gele tying and stand out from the crowd.

Oriaku Autogele

Learn how our autogeles are made

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