Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Blush Palette

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Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 is the most amazing collection of highly pigmented bronzers, merged bronzers and highlighters in 1 palette.
This is possibly the best palette to have in your makeup bag. It is so pigmented, each one plays with the light so well and just adds so much depth to your face. You can use some of them as a highlighter too and they are beautiful – hardly need to touch them to get the full effect. Great for everyday wear because it doesn’t rub off, sweat off or come off in rain or wind. Lasts all night on a night out and is just so good for brightening your face and adding color to paler faces.

Highlights, blush, and bronze!

A good mixture of highlighters, blush, and bronzer at a great price! Handy to have and comes in a large size that lasts.

How to use

Simply brush on the highest point of your cheekbones and your T-zone for that instant healthy glow.

Set your entire face with a good setting spray and your makeup will not move throughout the day.


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